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This page was last updated: November 9, 2015
Rev. George S. Briggs  18th Pastor
Sis. Bobbie & Rev. John C. Owens 19th Pastor
 Bishop  Walter Hawkins Jr.  22nd Pastor & First Lady Evangelist Annette Hawkins
Sis. Trisha & Rev. Edward Hines Jr.  21st Pastor
Rev. B. W. Williams  11th Pastor
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Sis. Pamela & Rev. Kenneth Juniel, Sr.  20th Pastor
Rev. H. Z. Hall 10th Pastor
Rev. E. E. Russ and Family 14th Pastor
Rev. W. M. Erby 3rd Pastor
 May God Bless an Keep You
In the year 1908, a small band of Baptist believers in Jesus Christ, our Lord, met and organized a Church where they could worship God under their own Vine and Fig Tree.

The late Rev. A.G. Stevenson was chosen as the first Pastor.  Under his leadership the foundation was laid upon which First Baptist was built.  The late Granison Taylor was the first Ordained Deacon.  Later Henry Y. Green was ordained as a Deacon. Some of the early members in the first church organization were: Henderson Smith, Sarah Smith, Robert Oakley, Granison Taylor, Henry green and Willie Stevenson.  There were others involved in the formative years of the church, however the records are not clear, here we pause and apologize for the omission of names that we are unaware of.

Down through the years First Baptist continued to grow,many souls have been added.  Many members have since departed from labour to rest.  We cherish many beautiful memories and are looking forward to that great reunion.  

After Rev.  Stevenson came Rev. Burrough. As time rolled on Rev. Erby was called to be our pastor. The church was torn down and rebuilt. The corner stone was laid which bears his name, Dea. Taylor and Dea. Green.

Later came Rev. Garrison served about 12 years. Upon his resignation, came Rev.Scull, Rev. Shorter, Rev. Tucker, Rev. J. E. Tidwell, and Rev. W. L. Strickland. Our church roll was greatly increased. While we were yet wondering like a sheep without a shepherd, the Holy Spirit sent Rev. H. Z. Hall. But in  the midst of our plans he was called from labor to reward.

After a few months Rev. Williams was chosen as our pastor. Our deacons were Dea.  H. Y. Green, Dea. Lewis  Hill, Dea. Ennis Walker, Dea. Jesse Hughes, and Dea. and Wade Eaton.

Our 12th pastor J. Montgomery who did a wonderful job in leading us.

13th pastor Harding was chosen. He served 11months.

14th pastor E. E. Russ was called he served from Oct. 1962 until 1968. Everyone loved him and hated to see him go.

15th pastor Rev. Barnett was chosen He served alomst 2 years.

16th pastor Rev. Green was chosen Under his leadership the work on the church was completed, We purchased the pulpit furniture, carpet, and aluminum siding was installed on the church. He was later called from labor to reward. After a few months of waiting .

17th pastor L. A. Lindsey  was chosen under his leadership we remodeled our dining area, brought new chairs and tables, organ and a phone. The deacons under his leadership were Dea. Ennis Walker, Dea. Pete Johnson, Dea. James H. Johnson, and Dea. Leaser Green

18th pastor chosen Rev. G. S. Briggs, He organized a young matron choir, air conditioner, remodeled the church and extra class rooms. He was also active in the publishing  of our 1st. year book in 1977. Those who labored in the preparations were Sis. Marilyn Johnson who was president of the Youth Department,
Sis. O"hara President of the Missionary Society. Sis. Patsy Jones Superintendent of the Sunday School. Without their uncompromising efforts it would not have been possible of publication.

19th pastor Rev. J. C. Owens  helped in the organization of the youth sunshine choir and young matron choir, Sis. Johnnie Jo O'hara as president of the usher board. under his leadership we remodeled the church and installed the heating and cooling unit. A years went by a decision was made to rebuild our church.

20th pastor Rev. Kenneth Juniel was chosen He was Installed September 13, 1992. The deacons at that time were  Dea. James H. Johnson, Dea. Pete Johnson. After a year of service the church was torn down. on Sepember 12, 1993 we began having services in the Carthage School cafeteria. A month had passed we were blessed with a  temporary building donated by Bro. Joe Pattillo until  Our new building was completed. God sent us some christain men and women,  who were called the "Nail Benders for Jesus" to erect our building.

On July 3, 1994 we had a blessed time in the name of the Lord as we marched from our temporary building to our new church. We have kept the old bell and the corner stone to remind of where we come from. We shall never for get the delication of our trutees Bro. Jesse and Sis. Darlyne Brandon for the decorations, Sis. Renee McKay, Sis. Carolyn Collins, Sis. Nancy Reese, Bro. Fred Mitchell, Bro. Eddie Brandon, Bro. Billy O'hara, Bro. Walter Hawkins Jr., Sis. Penny Walker, and Bro. Thomas Johnson. The  Deacons were Dea. James Johnson, Two Licensed ministers Rev. Fannie Jones and Rev. Walter Hawkins Jr. , a mass choir, a men choir, 4 musicians. A second heating and cooling unit was purchased for the kitchen. In 2003 we were blessed to pay off our church.

On November 14, 2004 the church accepted  the resignation of Rev. Juniel.  A pupit Committee was formed with Bro. Jesse Brandon, Sis. Nancy Reese, Dea. James Johnson, Bro. Edward Jones  Jr. and Sis. Jewel Dawn. The word of God was still being preached by owr ministers Rev. Fannie Jones and Rev. Walter Hawkins Jr. . 

21st. Pastor Rev. Edward Hines Jr. was chosen, He was Ordained on April 17, 2005 During his leadership we had a Youth Choir, Kids Ministry, and a Women Ministry, handicap signs and pastor parking signs were posted outside, and the church purchased new padded pews, and New padded Choir Chairs. On July 27, 2008 a letter of resignation from Rev. Edward Hines Jr. was read and accepted. A pupit Committee was formed The word of God was still being preached by owr ministers Rev. Fannie Jones and Rev. Walter Hawkins Jr. .

We now have our 22nd  Pastor, Bishop Walter L. Hawkins Jr.  Our present Deacon list consist of Deacon James H. Johnson, and Deacon Nicholas Walker. During Bishop Hawkins leadership we had the Parking lot paved.

Rev. L. A. Lindsey  17th Pastor