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Bishop Walter L. Hawkins, Jr.  Pastor
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This page was last updated: November 9, 2015
                                                                             Annual Days for 2010

February 20th            3rd Sunday         Usher Day                                       Pastor Henry Morgan Mt. Zion and St. John A.M.E.      3:00pm                                
March 20th                3rd Sunday         * Associates Pastors Appreciation  Bishop Jerry Bradden  Bread of Heaven Morrliton     3:00pm

March 27th               4th Sunday            First Sermon                                   Minister Raymond Davis                                               3:00pm
April  10th                2nd Sunday            Musicians Appreciation                 Pastor Keith Marks  Healing & Deliverance Center    3:00pm

April 17-22  Easter Sunday 24th             Easter   Revival                            Minister Fannie Jones at F.M.B.C.

May    2-3-4                                               Missionary Revival                        Missionary C. Collins , E. Sanders and V. Walker       7:00 pm

May   14th               2nd Saturday           Women  Conference       Missionary Vivian Phillips Tate's Temple C. O. G. I. C.             10:00am  
May 22nd                  4th Sunday            Women Day                            Pastor Linda Butler A. M. E. Dalark Mt. Olive                       3:00pm  
June 3rd and 4th                                     Men Revival                         Elder James Sanders West End C.O.G.I.C. Malvern             7:00pm

June  12th               2nd Sunday             Men Day                               Pastor J. Sledge Mark’s Memorial C.O.G.I.C.                         3:00pm

July 8th and 9th                                     Youth Revival        7:00pm

July 17th                 3rd Sunday             Youth Day                              Minister Fannie Jones F.M.B.C.                                              3:00pm 

August 13th        2nd Saturday              First Lady's Night      Co Pastor Linda White of In Time Worship Center Camden            7: 00pm               

August 28th          4th Sunday            * Pastor and First Lady Anniversary   Pastor J. White,  In Time Worship Center Camden   3:00pm

September 18th    3rd Sunday             * Church Anniversary                        Bishop L.A. Lindsey,   Faith Temple, Little Rock        4:00pm

October 9th          2nd Sunday               Choir Day                                                                             Rev. Nick Walker F.M.B.C.        3:00pm

October 30th                                           Member Day                                                                                                                           2:00pm     

November 20th     3rd Sunday                Friends and Family Day                                                  Rev. Sharod  Ricks  F.M.B.C.        3:00pm

                                                                                                * - Dinner will be Served